If you’re comfortable with Spanish, feel free to read along:

El Peor Trabajo de mi vida: job-hunting in NYC landed me on the worst place in the city.

Relato largo de cuentos cortos en NYC: my 1st time visiting my boyfriend after he moved to NYC.

Para la buena salud de tu…: sometimes pregnant women give really bad advice.

Todo es según el color del cristal con que se mira: confused 25-year-old right here…!

HELLO. My name is Alexandra: trying to find meaning and ownership over my self.

Pichaera Puertorriqueña: foreign people won’t ever get it.

Hoy maté un pajarito: birdies can teach you some stuff about death.

100%: about the day my brother and I spent $800 impulsively.

• Flores de Coca: sometimes you just can’t avoid crazy people.

A la azotea, por favor: my mother just called me ugly.

Ese ha de ser el gimmick de las guaguas: a day riding the public bus.


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