About Me

Born on April 18, 1983 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I’ve always been curious about doing things with my hands.

Studied at University of Puerto Rico’s High School,
in which I took every art course there was.

Wondered where would I’ve been if I had gone to
Central High School of Visual Arts in the first place.

Applied to the Art Institue of Fort Lauderdale, FL,
to pursue a B.A. in Graphic Design.

Chickened out a few days later, canceled my
application and asked to have my money back.

Ended up going to the University of Puerto Rico’s School
of Public Communications where I got my B.A. on Audiovisual Telecommunications.

Spent the next 2 years absolutely clueless about
what I wanted to do with my life.

Met with a person from my childhood who offered me a position
in PR’s film industry, which led me to four amazing years
working in the coolest job I’ve ever had.

Realized I couldn’t see myself doing
that for the rest of my life.

Met Fernando in a film production, who asked me
“What’s your dream?” when we secretly started dating.

Encouraged me to pursue it
and later became the ying to my yang.

Got accepted to Miami Ad School,
which was totally exciting.

Cried for weeks when I found out
I was not going to be able to pay for it.

Stumbled with a very good friend who believed
in me and thought I was worth helping out…

… which landed me here, in NYC
and into Miami Ad School’s Art Direction program
with the hopes of becoming a successful (and happy) Creative.

Currently having one of the best times of my life.


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