Yummy Knolling

I got introduced to “knolling” during my last photography class with Harlan Erskine at Miami Ad School, NYC. I must say there is something very particular about it. Its simplicity is both “boring” and amusing at the same time in a way I have trouble explaining.

What I like most about knolling is the fact that it is a project you can do solo. Being a person that has always had the ability to have fun by herself, I found it incredibly fulfilling (relaxing, comforting, entertaining) to have the studio for myself and work while listening to some music.

And then there’s this other thing about organizing stuff meticulously. It’s just soothing and exhilarating. Maybe is something that only OCD people can understand. But aside from that, knolling is also quite revealing depending on the subject you choose and how you allow objects to speak for themselves.

In this case, Emily Blincoe chose candy colors as the foundation for this project. The organization is not as meticulous as other knolling arrangements out there. However, the “OCD factor” of these photos rely entirely on color rather than on organization. If you ask me, the slightly-imperfect arrangement evokes the child-like nature of candy itself, which is quite spot-on.

On a side note, I think Emily’s miss on “brown candy” is an epic fail. Hershey’s, M&M’s, Ferrero, Kinder Bueno, Lindtt, etc. I mean… come on, girl!

Want to see/know more on knolling? Click here. And here.


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