I was particularly pissed when I reached the 18th aisle of Rite Aid and realized that Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm costed about $6 for 2 tubes while there were other options at $1.

“… You gotta be fucking kidding me”.

After staring at the whole variety of lip balms that were available, I grabbed Burt’s with the disappointment of being my only option, not by choice, but by assignment.

As I walked home, I opened the package and applied some lip balm while questioning myself what was so great about this one as to cost 3x times what other lip balms cost. Ok, so it’s got some tingling sensation due to some mint something. That’s cool.

I got home, sat down with some beer and began my Ideas First’s class assignment: 30 ad ideas for Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip balm. For my research on this never-before-tried-by-myself product, I recurred to YouTube to get a taste of their brand and what they were all about. And this was the very first video I saw:

… And I immediately fell in love!

I kept looking through their videos to learn more about the brand as I vehemently applied more unnecessary lip balm with amusement:

However, these left me with a lot of uneasiness. I mean, WTF, NO:

Aside from these very awkward videos not apt for kids nor for adults, I feel excited about this fresh and joyful brand that has such a commitment with nature as well as on health. Makes me glad I spent $6 dollars on 2 tubes that are 100% natural after learning that the average woman ingests up to 9 pounds of lip product during their life.

Think about that. Nine pounds. That’s a vagina-tearing baby made out of lipstick.


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