“a|e” Booklet

For your final project you will be creating a physical presentation that describes your brand. This could be in the form of a book, poster, collage, etc. But I want it to be the culmination of all the work we have been doing on exploring the essence of your brand. (…)  It is a personal portfolio piece about you.”

This booklet was made as a brief auto-bio/journey that tells the story of how I decided to pursue a creative career.

In quoting order:

  1. Edgar Cruz, my dear dad.
  2. Nydia Lebrón, my loving mom.
  3. (my mom, again)
  4. José Borges, a talented buddy.
  5. Cristina “MoFo” Gauthier, partner in road-trip.
  6. Giselle Caraballo, one of my multiple cousins annoyed by me.
  7. Fernando Castrillo, my dear chunk of love.
  8. Gabriel Nieves, my DGBF (HAHA, no: my best friend).
  9. Sameer Hamdan, for giving me that last push over the cliff.

Thanks to each one of you, and many other friends and colleagues who helped me face this new path and, mostly importantly, to believe in myself.

(Cool QR Codes made with VisualLead.com! Feel free to scan them, although most of them lead to stuff hosted in this same site.)


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